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Additive-free Tequila

  • There are four categories of additives in tequila: glycerin, oak extract, caramel coloring, and sugar-based syrup. Additives are permitted without disclosure as long as they account for under 1% of the total liquid.

    PATRÓN SILVER, PATRÓN REPOSADO, PATRÓN AÑEJO, and PATRÓN EXTRA AÑEJO are additive-free because our made-by-hand traditional process imparts rich, complex flavor to our products, without the need for artificial additives. The best flavor develops slowly and naturally, with no shortcuts and only high-quality raw ingredients.

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  • The regulations that govern tequila allow for two “classes” of tequila: The first, known simply as “tequila,” is sometimes referred to as “mixto” tequila because it is made from a mixture of agave sugar and added grain or cane sugar.

    The second class is “100% de Agave” tequila, which is made exclusively from the sugars of the Weber Blue agave. PATRÓN Tequila only makes 100% de agave tequila. You can taste and smell the superior complexity of tequila that is made purely from mature, high-quality agave.

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  • Patrón uses the highest-quality ingredients and production process to achieve our distinct taste and color. The process starts at the agave field where we select only the best agave with a specifically high sugar content to deliver the exceptionally smooth flavor Patrón is known for. To create our aged expressions, Patrón Silver is aged in our carefully selected barrels where it gains natural flavors like caramel and vanilla as well as its natural color.

    Patrón has an entire portfolio of aged expressions ranging from two months at minimum for Reposado and all the way up to ten years for Extra Añejo 10 Años, our oldest tequila. All of our aged expressions have different colors, flavors and tasting notes all thanks to our variety of barrels. No flavor or color is achieved from additives.

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  • To be classified as “tequila” the product has to be made from 100% blue agave and is permitted to have a maximum of 1% of additives. A “mixto tequila” has at least 51% of its volume made from blue agave distillate and the other 49% can be distilled from other non agave sugars (usually sugar cane).

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Purchasing Patrón Tequila

  • Patrón has discontinued the following products:

    • Patrón Citrónge Lime
    • Patrón Citrónge Pineapple
    • Patrón Citrónge Mango
    • Gran Patrón Smoky
    • Roca Patrón Silver
    • Roca Patrón Reposado
    • Roca Patrón Añejo
    • Patrón XO Cafe

    However, check out Citrónge Orange Liqueur and other handcrafted tequilas.

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  • There are a lot of places where you can buy Patrón Tequila. Did you know you can buy Patrón Tequila online, at a store near by or using a same-day delivery service? Check out our handy product locator to add Patrón Tequila to your bar cart. 

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  • You can purchase our newest smoked agave tequila Patrón Ahumado Silver and Reposado directly from our website or through And make sure to mix some unique cocktails like the Ahumado Old Fashioned and the Ahumado Margarita for a smoky take on the classics.

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  • Due to our strict verification policy, which is in place due to a high rate of fraud for certain products, if we cannot verify that all your information is correct we cannot process your order. You will either have to contact your credit card company and have them rectify the situation or provide us with another credit card to be used for purchase. If all information is verified and satisfactory to our credit processing department, your order will then be processed.

    Please note that we utilize a technology-based service to approve transactions. We apologize for the inconvenience caused in the event that one of our customer service representatives contacts you because your order is “flagged” as a potential unauthorized or fraudulent transaction. It may be just a matter of your transaction triggering an anti-fraud alert to us. We value your patronage and respectfully request that you allow our customer service to inquire further with you for additional information that will rectify the anti-fraud concern. We hope that you understand that the process we employ helps reduce fraud and allows us to keep prices competitive for all customers.

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  • PATRÓN XO Cafe will be re-released for a limited time at select locations in the near future. Stay tuned on our products page for the most up to date information and stay in-the-know on the latest PATRÓN releases.

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  • We are committed to ensuring that your order arrives in pristine condition. If you believe your order is damaged or flawed, please call or text us at (855) 443 8144 or submit a request HERE.

    To ensure the swift handling of your concern, please upload a photo of the damaged bottle, as well as a photo of the package in which it arrived clearly showing the label and tracking number.

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  • We are unable to ship wine, champagne and spirits to P.O. Boxes.

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  • Due to security restrictions, we are unable to ship to military bases.

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  • Your credit card will be charged once you’ve successfully placed the order. If for any reason we cannot process your order, your credit card will be refunded.

    At times we might run a special promotion that will require payment in advance of shipment. If this is the case, it will be stated on the product page.

    Please note that any orders placed using Apple Pay are charged at the time the order is placed.

    This is a feature of this payment method and ReserveBar does not have control of the process.

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  • Apple Pay is only available on mobile devices. When you place your order using your iPad or iPhone, the Apple Pay option will appear at checkout.

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  • We do not accept returns unless it is with regards to the following: If it falls into one of these categories the customer must notify within 30 days of delivery.

    1. Damaged, Missing or Wrong Item: If you receive your order and find any of the items to be damaged, not there, or not what you ordered. We can either refund you or resend your correct items. On some occasions the fulfillment center will ask you to ship the item back by providing a return label or call tag.
    2. Mistake or Wrong Engraving: If you receive your engraved item(s) and it is wrong in any way we can ask the fulfillment center to re-do the engraving and send a new bottle(s). In some cases, the fulfillment center will send a return label for the wrong item.
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  • If you receive your package and your order is not complete, contact us immediately HERE.

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  • Once your order is placed, an order confirmation email is sent out. If you did not receive it, please check your spam folder. You can submit a request with our support team HERE to receive an additional copy of your order receipt, should you need one.

    Please check your order receipt carefully for any mistakes in engraving and the accuracy of the billing address. Please note that once the engraving process has begun, we cannot change the engraved message and you will be charged for the bottle with the error, as well as a newly purchased bottle. If your bottle ships out to an incorrect address, you will incur an additional charge for reshipping the bottle. Any errors in the shipping address will cause a delay in the shipment.

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  • Once a refund is agreed upon between the customer and our support agent, it will be processed immediately. Please note, if you are sending a package back to us, you will be refunded once the package is tracked for return. Refunds sometimes take 24-72 hours to appear back in your account. This depends upon the bank card that was used and their policies.

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  • Once your order is prepared to ship, you will receive a shipping notification that contains a tracking number. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam folder.

    The tracking information will link to FedEx, UPS or local couriers. Please note that you will not see movement on the tracking number until it has been scanned into the local shipping facility. Once this has been done you can check the tracking number to see when your package will arrive.

    Please note that often packages will not register movement until later in the day. If your package was completed for shipment after 3 pm, tracking may not register until the next business day.

    We offer Ground Shipping and have a 3-5 Business Day (Monday-Friday) delivery window except for engraved bottles. Orders containing engraved bottles have a delivery window of 7-10 Business Days. If a product is out of stock when you place the order, it usually takes approximately 1-2 additional days to prepare the shipment. We will contact you if your order contains an item that is either out of stock or backordered.

    All orders marked for Overnight or Two-Day delivery must be entered by 12:00 PM in order to be processed the same day. Overnight orders are guaranteed for overnight delivery only if placed before 12:00 PM in the state of delivery. All express orders placed after 12:00 PM may be shipped the next day for arrival at the destination the following day. Regular ground shipments with a 5-7 day delivery window will be shipped the same day if the order is placed before noon in the state of delivery. If placed after 12:00 pm, shipping will occur the following business day (M-F), although we do try to ship the packages as swiftly as possible.

    NOTE: Both ground and overnight shipments are picked up and delivered M-F. Overnight and ground orders placed on the weekend or holiday will be processed the following business day.

    If you would like to confirm the shipping window, please reach out to our customer service team by submitting a request HERE.

    Once your order is prepared to ship, you will receive a shipping notification email which contains a tracking number. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam folder. Please note that at the present time, due to COVID-19 impacts on logistics and shipping companies, there can still be significant delays from when your product is prepared for shipment and the time it reaches its final destination.

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  • You can make purchases using your American Express, Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit card, PayPal as well as Apple Pay.

    Please note that we do not accept international credit cards at this time via our website. If you are based internationally and wish to place an order to be shipped to family, friends or colleagues who reside or work in one of the many states where we are able to deliver, please submit a request HERE.

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  • Yes, you need to be 21 or over to place an order with RESERVEBAR.COM.

    In order to remain compliant with federal laws that govern the shipment of alcohol, please ensure that there is an adult age 21 or over available to sign for the delivery at the shipping address you specify. A valid ID may be required upon delivery. By utilizing the ReserveBar platform, you are representing and confirming that both the ordering customer and the recipient are at least 21 years old.

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  • All packages are checked for accuracy prior to delivery, however sometimes errors do occur.

    If there is a mistake, please call or text ReserveBar customer support at (855) 443 8144 or submit a request HERE so that we can arrange to ship you the correct items at no additional charge to you.

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