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  • The regulations that govern tequila allow for two “classes” of tequila: The first, known simply as “tequila,” is sometimes referred to as “mixto” tequila because it is made from a mixture of agave sugar and added grain or cane sugar.

    The second class is “100% de Agave” tequila, which is made exclusively from the sugars of the Weber Blue agave. PATRÓN Tequila only makes 100% de agave tequila. You can taste and smell the superior complexity of tequila that is made purely from mature, high-quality agave.

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  • Patrón uses the highest-quality ingredients and production process to achieve our distinct taste and color. The process starts at the agave field where we select only the best agave with a specifically high sugar content to deliver the exceptionally smooth flavor Patrón is known for. To create our aged expressions, Patrón Silver is aged in our carefully selected barrels where it gains natural flavors like caramel and vanilla as well as its natural color.

    Patrón has an entire portfolio of aged expressions ranging from two months at minimum for Reposado and all the way up to ten years for Extra Añejo 10 Años, our oldest tequila. All of our aged expressions have different colors, flavors and tasting notes all thanks to our variety of barrels. No flavor or color is achieved from additives.

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  • To be classified as “tequila” the product has to be made from 100% blue agave and is permitted to have a maximum of 1% of additives. A “mixto tequila” has at least 51% of its volume made from blue agave distillate and the other 49% can be distilled from other non agave sugars (usually sugar cane).

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  • There are four categories of additives in tequila: glycerin, oak extract, caramel coloring, and sugar-based syrup. Additives are permitted without disclosure as long as they account for under 1% of the total liquid.

    PATRÓN SILVER, PATRÓN REPOSADO, PATRÓN AÑEJO, and PATRÓN EXTRA AÑEJO are additive-free because our made-by-hand traditional process imparts rich, complex flavor to our products, without the need for artificial additives. The best flavor develops slowly and naturally, with no shortcuts and only high-quality raw ingredients.

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  • Día de Muertos is a Mexican 3-day celebration of life, where the dead are remembered and honored. Halloween is an ancient tradition from the Celtic region of Europe, where it was believed that on this day, the worlds between the living and the dead blurred and spirits caused disturbances on Earth.

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