Limited EditionPatrón Silver

Patron Tequila

Every drop of ultra-premium tequila in this special-edition bottle is handcrafted in small batches at Hacienda Patrón in Jalisco.

Patron Tequila

The distinctive heritage and culture of Mexico’s glassmaking is reflected in the vibrant bottle design and handmade stopper, each an individual masterpiece.

Patron Tequila

Smooth tequila, metallic accents presented in a striking green bag make this a gift given in good taste.

Patrón Silver Limited Edition 1-Liter bottle

A 2018 Limited-Edition 1-Liter bottle of the perfect, crystal clear tequila.


A fine balance

  • color

    Crystal clear

  • aroma

    Fruits & citrus

  • taste

    Smooth & sweet

  • finish

    Light pepper

alcohol 40% by volume

available in

  • 1L

Go big this season

The Patrón Silver 1-Liter is made from 100% Weber Blue Agave in a collectible bottle designed for the holidays. Inspired by Mexico’s rich history of glass craftsmanship, the striking green-accented bottle with a handmade metallic stopper is the perfect (and biggest) gift of the season.

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A singular focus on Patrón’s perfection puts us in a field of our own.

The Power of Patrón

Get the perfect tequila cocktail suited to your preferences.

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Building a legacy means so much more than tequila.