Which tequila brands are verified additive-free?

As of January 2020, the below distilleries, some of which produce multiple tequila brands as designated by their NOM assignment, have been credited as verified additive-free. Patrón is the world's number one super-premium tequila brand to receive the verification.

  • Patrón Tequila (NOM 1492)
  • Tequila Fortaleza (NOM 1493) [2 brands]
  • El Pandillo (G4, Terralta, etc.) (NOM 1579) [6 brands]
  • Vivanco (NOM 1414) [7 brands]
  • Cascahuín (NOM 1123) [4 brands]
  • Tequileña (NOM 1146) [12 brands]
  • Arette (NOM 1109) [1 brand]
  • El Tequileño (NOM 1108) [1 brand]
  • Suave (NOM 1522) [1 brand]
Which tequila brands are verified additive-free?
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