Radiantly Smooth, Naturally Sweet.

Introducing PATRÓN EL CIELO—a new, prestige silver tequila. Unlocking the naturally sweet flavors of agave while achieving an undeniably light, fresh, and ultra-smooth finish.

Exquisite Distinctiveness

Distilled four times to unlock 100% naturally sweet and subtle agave flavors, PATRÓN EL CIELO delivers an incomparable taste with an undeniably light, fresh, and ultra-smooth finish. Make yourself an EL CIELO Over Ice with a Slice, a bright cocktail to enjoy PATRÓN EL CIELO—just serve over ice with a slice of orange to unlock its fresh flavor profile.

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  • Finish

    Smooth & Long-Lasting

  • Color

    Radiantly Clear

  • Aroma

    Cooked Agave, Sweet, Fruity

  • Taste

    Cooked Agave, Sweet, Fruity, Citric

  • Alcohol 40% by volume

  • Available in 700ml

Embrace Smooth

Discover the ultimate party starter—PATRÓN EL CIELO—the perfect complement to the elevated days that turn into nights. PATRÓN EL CIELO is an exceptional luxury tequila with hints of sweet agave to ignite your senses and brighten up your celebrations.

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