Meet the Bartender

Renato Giovannoni

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Signature Cocktail El Clericot De Retiro

Noted Buenos Aires bartender and owner of the twice voted best bar in Latin America, Floreria Atlántico, Renato Giovannoni knows a few things about shaking latin flair into every glass. Renato is a signature part of Argentina's sophisticated cocktail scene, bringing heritage, technique and innovative flavors to his own bar and every other one he finds himself behind. He strives to revive classic Argentinian cocktails while infusing them with the flavors of iconic drinks from around the world to create a unique experience that cannot be replicated outside of his Buenos Aires bar. 

Renato's Latest Drink

El Clericot De Retiro

Refresh yourself by cooling off with this Argentina-inspired cocktail full off light, fruity flavors and a dash of tequila kick.

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Wine glass

Mandarin wedge, cucumber slice & eucalyptus leaves

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