Meet the Bartender

Greg Almeida

London, UK

Greg has worked in the hospitality industry for 13 years where he began as a chef, giving him a good understanding of flavours and in creating the Endless Journey, Greg was inspired by the power of human nature. In his eyes, Patrón is a brilliant tequila for its tradition of being handcrafted, showing what can be made with a little passion and time. Combining Patrón Reposado with other ingredients steeped in tradition and a history of flavor, like Suze, mole and horchata, the Endless Journey proves that a cocktail can capture the amazing flavor that can come from mankind.

Greg's Latest Drink

The Endless Journey

Warm weather feels like it could go on forever with the sweet, modern flavors of this jasmine and mole cocktail.

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Chilled mug

Finely grated nutmeg

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