Meet the Bartender

Philip Bischoff

Regent, Singapore

Philip started his bartending career at the age of 23 in his hometown of Berlin and it wasn’t long until he started bartending at the popular Felix Club Restaurant, followed by stints behind the bar in Switzerland and Paris. He’s currently Bar Manager of the award-winning Manhattan Bar inside the Regent Singapore Hotel, where he’s focused on continually elevating the guest experience. Philip has won numerous awards, including Best New International Bar at Tales of the Cocktail and Best Hotel Bar and Bar Team at the Mixology Bar Awards in Berlin.

Philip's Latest Drink

Señor Sling

Sparkling and fruity, this cocktail is a tequila twist on Singapore’s signature drink and will have you saying, “Si Señor!” to another round.

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Dehydrated lime wheel, pineapple & a fresh cherry

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