Meet the Bartender

Jin-Woo Lee

Seoul, South Korea

Inspired by the delicate and refreshing scent of the pine trees by the sea in South Korea and a strong warrior spirit, I created this delightful Patrón cocktail. Using Patrón and Korean soju, it is a spirit-forward drink that provides a strong base for the flavors of pine, lime essence and vermouth to shine against. I feel it is important for a cocktail to be aromatic so I made sure the overall aroma was pleasing and refined with deep herbal and fresh notes. Named Patronus after the latin word for a protector, this drink is strong and will capture your attention from the first sip.

Jin-Woo's Latest Drink


Spirit-forward Korean flavors, herbal notes and crisp Patrón Silver make this shining aperitif come alive.

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Martini glass

Lime peel & Korean pine needles

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