Meet the Bartender

Harrison Kenney

Sydney, Australia

Signature Cocktail Teal

It’s hard to believe this was Harrison Kenney’s first-ever competition, which he won with his unique cocktail, Teal. Kenney stepped into the world of bartending at the age of 18 but admits not taking it seriously until years later. Eventually he would fall in love with a career that brought a myriad of opportunities to create, travel, meet new people, and grow. Today he is the creative lead of Sydney’s Cantina OK!, which specializes in agave cocktails.

For his winning drink, he found inspiration in the first vanilla farmers in the world, the Totonacs, who were an indigenous group in Mexico. He also added a refreshing touch of the popular Australian fruit: kiwi. The result is a unique drink that is easy to replicate and enjoy.

Harrison's Latest Drink


The 2022 Patrón Perfectionists winner created a complex drink with refreshing flavors that will sure impress tequila enthusiasts.

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Vanilla-infused olive oil

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