Meet the Bartender

Emilio Valencia

Dubai, UAE

The flavors, color, and culture of Emilio Valencia's and Patrón's home country, Mexico, brought the Maria Mexico Mi Amor to life. A modernized take on the Mexican classic, the Margarita, gave the cocktail a simple approach to big flavor. Herbal tea, jalapeño jam and aromatic plum bitters elevate the traditional flavors of agave, lime, and Patrón Silver, adding sophistication and intrigue to the experience. The jalapeño jam makes a second appearance on the rim of the glass in a mixture of jalapeño, tortilla and salt to bring Mexico through at every point of the drink.

Emilio's Latest Drink

Maria Mexico Mi Amor

Enjoy this refreshing take on a margarita with the spice of jalapeño jam, bright tea and deep plum.

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