Discover a cultural destination that celebrates Mexican heritage and bold innovation — bringing together handcrafted tequila and Mexican artisans, inventors and creators who are pushing boundaries and redefining Mexican luxury.

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Cynthia Buttenklepper

Fashion Designer

One of Vogue Mexico’s “Who’s on Next” winners, Cynthia creates a small quantity of high quality, handmade fashion designs, each crafted from natural materials using traditional methods at small workshops in Mexico. Cynthia presents a modern vision of Mexico inspired by the connection of its rich heritage and her own history. Her work, like that of PATRÓN, is dedicated to preserving the contemporary handcrafted culture and traditions of Mexico. At Residencia PATRÓN, guests can admire and shop her collection of ponchos, tops, jackets and skirts.

Photo Credit: Fabiola Zamora

Mexican makers draw passion from the deepest wells of tradition.

Perla Valtierra

Ceramics Designer

Perla handcrafts ceramics from locally sourced, high quality materials and co-leads a team of 20 artisans and creatives to produce a limited number of unique pieces each season, each hand-turned on the wheel. Perla’s dedication to creating only the highest quality pieces made from materials of the earth are evident throughout her signature pieces—from side plates with frilled rims to vases with rivet detailing. Similar to PATRÓN, her mission is to carry on Mexico’s traditions, while unearthing new innovative materials and techniques.

Photo Credit: Fabiola Zamora

A curated cultural destination handcrafted by the pioneering spirit of Mexico’s boldest innovators.



Xinú was founded by husband-wife duo Veronica Peña and Ignacio Cadena, along with partner Héctor Esrawe. Xinú perfumes reflect botanical richness, artisanal mastery, cutting-edge design, and olfactory delight. Through their meticulous alchemic tailoring, Xinú perfumes open people’s sensory gateways in a personalized way. Each perfume features two contrasting halves—one in glass, the other in wood, forming two hemispheres of a scent. That dedication to perfection is what makes Xinú similar to PATRÓN, creating a full sensory experience for each person who comes across it.

Photo Credit: Fabiola Zamora

Dedicated to heritage, passion, and bold innovation.


Accessory Designers

Named as a tribute to their beloved great grandmother, Aurelia is a design line created by Mexican sister trio Andrea, Paula, and Magdalena de la Torre Suárez. They work with artisans specializing in woodworking and Charreria—an equestrian tradition from Guadalajara in Jalisco, where the PATRÓN Hacienda is located—to design one-of-a-kind customizable accessories, while fulfilling their mission to produce timeless designs with ethical standards.

Photo Credit: Fabiola Zamora

Masters of craft redefining Mexican luxury.


Textile Design

Caralarga handcrafts unique, artisanal pieces in Mexico using natural elements. Driven by the philosophy that a simple world is better, Caralarga seeks to preserve the essence of nature’s raw materials, such as cotton, and transform them into beautiful pieces like Huipils, capes, and jewelry. Like PATRÓN, the brand is dedicated to reflecting the essence of Mexican culture through stunningly elegant yet simple works of high quality craftsmanship.

Photo Credit: Fabiola Zamora

Chipotle Punch

Chipotle pepper gives this cocktail an authentically Mexican kick.

Coralina Margarita

Discover the elegance of a red wine-infused margarita.