A dedication to craft, a passion for perfection

The Patrón family of bartenders is a community of talented individuals from around the world who have a shared interest in creating (and enjoying) unique, high-quality craft cocktails and promoting themselves on an international scale.

  • Uploading a cocktail is easy:

    1. Register at PatronTequila.com/account/registration.html to become a part of the Patrón bartending community.
    2. Click or tap on “Create cocktail”
    3. You’ll be taken to the Cocktail Creator, which is where you’ll enter your recipe.
    4. Once submitted, we’ll let you know via email if it’s been approved or if changes need to be made.
    5. Once approved, it will be featured on Patrón Cocktail Lab for you to share with the world.
  • As a part of the Patrón family of bartenders, your cocktails may be promoted on PatronTequila.com as well as through our social channels. If published, you’ll also get a bartender profile, highlighting you as a part of a distinguished group of mixologists with a commitment to their craft. You can also follow other bartenders, and get the latest info on our world-renowned cocktail competitions.

  • While we encourage those with a high level of technical skill and talent to become Patrón Bartenders, we welcome anyone who has a passion for crafting unique and inspired tequila cocktails, no actual bartending gig required.

  • It depends on how many cocktails have recently been submitted. They’re all looked over by our very own Patrón Bartenders, and we’ll get to them as fast as we can!

  • Our talented Mixology team, David Alan and Stephen Halpin are committed to the highest Patrón standards of cocktails. Sometimes that means tweaking a recipe a bit, sometimes it means adding a dash of this or a pinch of that. Please be flexible with minor modifications.

  • It will be featured on PatronTequila.com/CocktailLab! It may even be shared elsewhere on the site or put in a featured cocktail collection. Please be aware that any cocktail submitted to becomes the property of Patrón, but we will of course, promote you along with it because cocktails don’t create themselves, now do they?