Limited EditionPatrón en Lalique Serie 2

Patron Tequila

The signature bottle is presented in a sleek and luxurious wooden box that spins to open, revealing your tequila with an elegant effect.

Patron Tequila

The perfectly carved crystal bee stopper features hand-painted liquid gold accents.

Patron Tequila

Patrón’s finest blended and aged tequila is made slowly in small batches, for an exceptionally complex tequila experience that brings deep agave flavor and richness to your glass.

Patron Tequila

From the precise crystal working at Lalique, a flawlessly carved crystal decanter features an Art Deco design with sophisticated and bold lines for a perfectly faceted pour.

Limited Edition Patrón en Lalique: Serie 2 bottle

The second exclusive collaboration between the masters of artistry and perfection.

A fine balance

  • color

    Crystalline bright gold

  • aroma

    Fruit, vanilla & oak notes

  • taste

    Sweet honey, fruit, light agave

  • finish

    Long lasting oak, agave & fruits

Explore in 360º

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    alcohol 40% by volume

    available in

    • 750ml

    Perfection struck twice

    Aged for 8 years in a combination of American oak, French oak, and sherry barrels, Patrón en Lalique: Serie 2 is a rare aged tequila, honoring Patrón’s traditional techniques and Lalique’s commitment to awe-inspiring craftsmanship.


    Building a legacy means so much more than tequila.

    From Our Hands to Yours

    Patrón is proudly handcrafted every step of the way.

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