Patrón Tequilas

Explore the types of tequila Patrón makes in Jalisco, Mexico.

Tequila Patrón

Handmade in small batches to be smooth, sweet and easily mixable.

  • Patrón Silver bottle


    The perfect super premium white spirit made from the finest Weber Blue Agave.

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  • Reposado

    Aged at least four months for smooth, ultra-premium taste with a hint of oak flavor.

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    Patrón Reposado bottle
  • Patrón Añejo bottle


    Oak aged for over 12 months to produce a tequila perfect for sipping.

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  • Extra Añejo

    A smooth, golden tequila aged in oak barrels for at least three years.

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    Patrón Extra Añejo bottle

Patrón El Cielo

PATRÓN EL CIELO, a bold, prestige silver tequila, unlocks the naturally sweet flavors of agave while achieving an undeniably light, fresh, and ultra-smooth finish.

  • PATRÓN EL CIELO bottle


    Radiantly smooth and naturally sweet, with hints of sweet agave— a bold innovation in silver tequila.


Gran Patrón

Our most sophisticated luxury tequilas with incredibly distinct taste.

  • Gran Patrón Platinum bottle


    Triple distilled and oak rested for a smooth and full-bodied flavor.

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  • Piedra

    Aged for four years resulting in a rich and balanced taste.

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    Gran Patrón Piedra bottle
  • Gran Patrón Burdeos bottle


    A luxury añejo tequila finished in Bordeaux wine barrels.

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Limited edition

Simply Perfect tequilas for spirits connoisseurs.

  • Limited Edition 2023 Mexican Heritage Tin bottle

    2023 Mexican
    Heritage Tin

    Designed in collaboration with Oracle Red Bull Racing F1 Driver, Checo Pérez, this year’s tin features a masterful and artful design that celebrates two Mexican icons coming together.

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  • Añejo Lot 221

    A limited-edition unique blend of aged tequilas with a distinctly soft and sweet flavor.

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    Limited Edition Patrón Añejo Lot 221 bottle
  • Limited Edition Patrón Añejo 7 Años bottle

    Extra Añejo 7 Años

    An exquisite extra añejo tequila rested in French oak barrels for seven years.

    Explore Extra Añejo 7 Años
  • Extra Añejo 5 Años

    A rare spirit crafted from the delicate artistry of aging fine tequila.

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    Limited Edition Patrón Añejo 5 Años bottle
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