Patrón Añejo

Añejo Julep

Presented by Stephen Halpin

Patrón Añejo

Añejo Julep

Presented by Stephen Halpin

This aged tequila rendition of the classic cocktail will be your front-runner all summer long.






Julep cup


Mint sprig


Festive, Warm Weather, Entertaining


  • oz
  • ml
2 oz Patrón Añejo
.5 oz Agave syrup
6 Mint leaves
60 ml Patrón Añejo
15 ml Agave syrup
6 Mint leaves

Unless noted, drinks should be made one at a time.


How to Make

  1. In the bottom of your julep cup, muddle the agave syrup and mint leaves. 
  2. Add crushed ice to fill.
  3. Pour Patrón Añejo over the ice and stir lightly to mix all the ingredients. 
  4. Crown the drink with fresh crushed ice.
  5. Garnish with a mint sprig.

Pro Tip

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Patrón is proudly handcrafted every step of the way.

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