Meet the Bartender

Shingo Gokan

Shanghai, China

Signature Cocktail Tom Yum

Mixing the bartending styles of his native Japan and New York City, Shingo Gokan has made a name for himself in bars and cocktail competitions around the world. A fearless bar leader, Shingo has manned many notable bars and owns Shanghai's Speak Low where he combines the flavors and traditions of Japan with exotic global ingredients. Having won the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition and many other awards, Shingo has brought his talents to Patrón to continue his legacy of bold flavors.

Shingo's Latest Drink

Tom Yum

Exotically flavored with touches of acidity, aromatic Thai ingredients, and an herbal tequila, this cocktail broadens horizons and taste buds all in one glass.

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Micro coriander and dried chilli

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